Spin: friend or foe?

How can you influence spin rates

Manufacturers have long known that regular golfers needed a higher launch angle on tee shots. For a while they tried to urge golfers to play super-high lofted drivers. But while increasing the dynamic launch angle (the actual angle the ball launches) it also created the side-effect of too much back spin for many.

By fixing a very common swing fault most golfers can increase the launch angle and lower spin rates to substantially increase distance off the tee.

Many golfers have a slight downward angle of attack on the ball with a driver, but that has the effect of lowering launch angle and increasing spin rate. A very poor scenario for most golfers.

Twenty-one extra metres

Trackman data shows us that a golfer with an 80mph swing speed who changes their angle of attack from -5° to +5° increases their dynamic launch angle by 4° but even more importantly reduces their spin rate by over 1,000rpm. And that means 21 extra metres.

Don’t let spin rob you

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