Golf truly is a game for everyone

As Louis mentioned last week, the club is currently at its busiest, and it is great to see so many members and guests enjoying our great course and our friendly service. We can be very thankful that ... See more

Stellenbosch GC to host the SA SAGES Nationals

It gives me great pleasure this week to announce that Stellenbosch GC will be the proud host of the SA SAGES Nationals in 2019! As the season comes to an end, we will welcome senior golfers from ... See more

Get more ball speed for more distance | 28 February 2019

What a nice bit of relief in the temperatures after a couple of super hot days. To think that it was not long ago that we had such high temperatures, sometimes for weeks on end. Nowadays it only ... See more

Make the most of your practice

Another short and sweet message for you, followed by some important information relating to your golfing enjoyment! It is really fantastic for me to see so many of you making your returns to the ... See more

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